The Whitepod Resort

Nestled in the charming village of Les Cerniers, surrounded by a blanket of glistening white snow and panoramic mountain views, The Whitepod Resort offers an unconventional and unforgettable experience in the heart of the Swiss Alps.



Ten Trinity Square Hotel

It has been four years in the making, but the Four Seasons Hotel at Ten Trinity Square is due to open it’s doors within the next couple of months after a multi-million pound renovation, and it might just be the most stunning hotel not only in London, but the whole of Europe.



Phased LA: A 12K Timelapse Film

If you think once you’ve seen one Timelapse video you’ve seen them all then think again. Joe Capra has taken things to the next level with a truly staggering 12K entitled Phased LA. Take a look at the City Of Angels as you’ve never seen it before.



A Taste Of Vienna - Hyperlapse

For the second episode of their ‘A Taste Of…’ series, the guys at FilmSpektakel give us a unique look at their hometown of Vienna. With its enormous rich culture and history take a look at the Austrian capital like never before.



The Floating Hotel On The Amazon

For some people an ideal holiday is staying in a 5-Star hotel, and for others it is seeing a natural wonder of the world. Aqua Expeditions have combined both of these, and you can now stay in a 5-Star 'floating hotel' on one of (if not) the most famous rivers in the world - The Amazon. VM Life investigates.