The Nendo Paper Light

Nothing to do with design surprises us anymore, however when we heard about paper that can be rolled up into a fulling working torch or a lamp we did found it hard to believe. Step forward Nendo.


The Volcanic House

If you were thinking of places not to build a house, we’re confident ‘on an active volcano’ would rank pretty high on practically everyone’s list……that is unless you are designer Will Beilharz. What’s more is that you can actually rent a night at the Phoenix House.


The Krane

Over the years we’re used to seeing all manner of weird and wonderful buildings, equipment, and vehicles turned into living spaces, but surely you can’t do that with an old coal crane? Oh hang on……


Seeing Red: 70 Years Of Ferrari

To celebrate it’s 70th anniversary Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari has created the ultimate gallery exhibition. ‘Seeing Red’ features 10 of the most impressive vehicles Ferrari has ever produced, all of which follow the iconic colour scheme.


The 3-D Printed House

Printing out a house that is ready to use in a mere 24 hours, and at a cost of about £8,000 that could last for over 150 years seems farfetched on a whole host of levels, but this reality could be just around the corner thanks to the Apis Cor mobile construction company.